Advancing Ocular Diagnostics

The Best Technology for Detecting Early Ocular Diseases

ElastEye provides an advanced medical screening tool that can detect early onset and progression of ocular diseases before vision is degraded.

For ophthalmologists who need to conduct reliable subclinical diagnosis of corneal pathologies, ElastEye's ocular screening device provides a sensitive assessment of the eye’s health by measuring the elasticity of the cornea.


Unlike traditional tools, our product can detect early corneal disease and monitor treatment progression, allowing doctors to reliably rule out patients at risk of postoperative complications, increase efficacy of treatments, and reduce clinical costs.


Our Value to Eye Doctors

For ophthalmologists and optometrists looking to catch ocular diseases earlier and be guided during the application of treatments, ElasyEye offers:

Early detection of diseases

Elasticity changes in the eye are more sensitive to early progression of Keratoconus and Glaucoma. 

Guide targeted therapies

Monitoring of cross-linking therapies allows doctors to improve decisio-making and personalize treatment.

Improves eye care and revenue

With ElastEye, doctors can improve their eye care practices, reduce costs of post-treatment complications, and increase clinic revenue.


Learn All About the Advantages of Our Technology

Elasticity mapping of the cornea

We are the only technology in the market capable of mapping the elasticity of the eye for early disease detection. Changes in elasticity have been scientifically proven to be more sensitive for identifying early stages of disease than the currently measured biomarkers. Our multifunctional imaging device also provides established screening parameters in addition to ocular biomechanics. 

Fast and non-invasive measurements

By creating microscopic waves in the eye and using laser-based technologies to generate high-resolution images, ElastEye provides a fast and completely non-contact mapping of corneal elasticity. Unlike competing technologies, our approach is completely non-invasive, causes zero discomfort to patients, and has no risk for infections.


We've Come a Long Way

We are translating into clinics a technology that was born in the research lab 

Currently, Elasteye is a team of multidisciplinary engineers and scientists with years of experience in medical device research and development as well as vision science. We have been working in cornea elastography research for nearly 10 years with interesting validation results. Now, we are devoted to making this technology accessible to private eye clinics, hospitals, and research eye institutes.


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